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Service Sectors

Social Care

A report by Kabene et al, published in 2006 outlined the importance of good HR management – going as far to say that it is “critical in providing a high quality of health care.” The same paper suggested a refocus on HR in the health care field. So it is clear to see how fundamental it is.

If you are in the health care sector, let us at Howe Consultancy ease your HR headaches and help you provide the care that your patients/clients and service users have come to expect from you.

For many across the health and social care sector the new CQC inspections have begun to be a little stressful. However we at Howe Consultancy can help you through the new CQC regime ensuring a less stressful audit.

Schools and Education

Correct use of HR can play a huge part in the success of a school, be it primary, secondary, community or colleges. It can be the difference between recruiting the best teachers to your school and seeing them go elsewhere, as well as managing crises that may arise. It is, however still understated by some who do not understand the difference it can make.

If you need help with recruitment, crisis management or any other aspect of HR in your educational institution, get in touch with us at Howe Consultancy and see what we can do for you.

Public Sector

Public Sector employment practices are not always straight forward and can be an HR minefield. With wages to pay, high profile employees and recruitment to take care of, it’s very rarely a case of too many cooks spoiling the HR broth!

Indeed most of the time it’s all hands on deck in the public sector and an extra pair of hands is no bad thing.

So if you’re looking for a helping hand no matter how big or small your department is, let Howe Consultancy get involved and give you one less thing to worry about.

Legal Sector

In anything where the law is involved, it is essential that everything you do is to the highest possible standard. Despite this, 16% of firms did not have an existing HR strategy in place according to a 2013 whitepaper.

We at Howe Consultancy can help you with that as we work hand in hand with our legal partners. Over the years we have worked with a variety of legal clients helping them develop their HR strategy.

Don’t get left behind, get in touch with us at Howe Consultancy and reap the rewards when you see what we can do for your legal firm.

Employment Law

Employment law is another potential disaster zone if HR is not utilised properly. Be it diversity, data protection or even well-being, there are a million and one things to consider as part of employment law.

It would be a good idea then, to have someone to take care of the HR side of things while you get on with business and making more money.

At Howe Consultancy, we specialise in all aspects of HR with a focus on implementing correctly Employment Law. So while we do not offer legal advice, we are in your corner when it comes to the HR side of the workplace.


2012 research by the CIPD found: “The crucial point is that HR is not absolved from the corporate responsibility.”
Clearly then, in the world of corporations, HR has a huge role to play. And while it is companies making huge amounts of money that makes the headlines, the HR department is working feverishly behind the scenes to make sure things are running smoothly.

So if your company is encountering bumps in the HR road get in touch with us at Howe Consultancy and let us do the hard work and get you back on track.

Cultural Sector

Small to medium sized cultural organisations have been through a crisis of sorts. A reduction in funding and possibly a lack of expertise of their HR means managers have had little if any HR training. Meaning workloads and pressures have built up. It would be a good idea then if you are in the cultural sector to take on board the advice of a HR specialist – enter Howe Consultancy!

We will make those mountains of pressure look more like molehills and will take care of all your HR worries.

Web and Online

As with anything online, for a business, it’s all about staying safe. And while you’re making sales on the World Wide Web, HR can be overlooked. But think about it for a second. With vital information available for all to see with just one mistake you have to ask yourself, are you prepared for the worst case scenario?

All it takes is one mistake and you’re in trouble. With correct HR advice and management though, things can be taken care of. Introducing a code of conduct for staff and social media guidance for instance is just one way we can lend a hand in what can be a hectic industry.

Service Industry

With such a high turnover of staff, the introduction of the living wage and issues such as tips and wages to deal with, the service industry is obviously one of the industries that needs HR the most.

Covering hiring and firings, and disputes, HR can form one of the key wheels in the service industry machine. To see what Howe Consultancy and HR can do for you, get in touch and see the difference that correctly utilised HR can make to you.

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