Stop the turnover…

As featured in October’s edition of Northern Insight magazine.

Hello, and welcome to this month’s column. This time around, I’d like to discuss staff turnover and retention.

One of the things that points to a company perhaps having issues behind the scenes – and in particular the HR department – is a high staff turnover.

Turnover of staff is nothing new, with reporting in May this year that 31% of new starters leave their job within six months. There are any number of reasons for the relatively high number of staff changes – the same website naming, among the culprits  inadequate, or complete lack of training leaving staff feeling thrown in at the deep end, as well as the job not matching the criteria of the job advert.

Of those 31% of early leavers, a massive 76% said they wanted on the job training, to allow for real world experience, and 73% said they wanted a review of company policies to let them see just what was expected from them, with clear guidelines and effective training leading the way in terms of what a new starter would expect.

So what to do about this problem, which seems to blight all kinds of industries, from retail to restaurants?

Well listen of course. As with anything regarding HR, it is a two way street. Yes, you want staff to be at their best to perform, but at the same time, their opinion matters. The numbers don’t lie, so it may be wise to examine your training methods.

Is the introduction period too short before throwing staff into the job head first? Perhaps it’s too long, boring staff.

Either way, it would be a good idea for you yourself as a manager to get involved – over a third of people said they would rather be given the training by a manager.

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