10 Ways to Be a Better Boss

Head Teacher

10 Ways to Be a Better Boss: Head Teacher

  1. Big Ears – good bosses not only listen but take a genuine interest in their staff
  2. Long Legs – be seen and be seen to be interested and involved. Walk around the school.
  3. White Teeth – Smiling bosses may people happy. Don’t be grumpy
  4. Dirty Hands – Show that you are prepared to get your hands dirty
  5. An open Door – At times you need to be left alone but being accessible is the best way to get your hands dirty.
  6. Clear Vision – People follow leaders who know where they are going and who don’t falter
  7. Tongue Control – Emotional responses don’t help anyone. Sometimes it’s best to hold your tongue.
  8. Strong Stomach – When things get tough don’t show any fear.
  9. Firm Hand – You are expected to make unpopular decisions. Be firm with those who don’t pull their weight. Don’t be too soft
  10. Love – We like to be loved. Good bosses show love and compassion.